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Rice Rhapsody

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No Regret

Mysterious Skin

A father and son attempt to reconcile after years of estrangement in this tender drama from gay Chinese filmmaker Cui Zi'en. Ray was raised by his grandfather, and spent much of his youth railing against his traditional father's middle class lifestyle. Upon enrolling in art school, Ray strikes up a relationship with another student, and the pair quickly becomes lovers. When Ray's father discovers the two young men in bed together nude, he begins to better understand what it really means to be homosexual. But things get complication when Ray meets Bo, one of his father's top employees, and falls hopelessly in love with the outwardly straight professional. Bo is engaged, and by becoming involved in a homosexual relationship he not only risks his professional livelihood, but persecution in his personal life as well.

I Am Not What You Want

Lucky Blue

Go Go G-Boys

A real guy needs money to pay for the debt that his girlfriend made. He goes to a gay contest to gain the money, but finally discovers his deep feeling toward the same sex.The involvement of Jay, an anti gay cop, assigned to investigate a threat letter claim to ruin the contest and the growing passion between Shin and Hung form the crux of this comic caper.

Frozen Flower

A historical drama set in the Koryo dynasty and focused on the relationship between a king and his bodyguard...

Formula 17

Just returning from study abroad, fashion designer Ritsu (Mikami Masashi) takes up a job at LOVE&HATE and ends up sharing an apartment with Sho (Kato Ryosuke), the son of his boss. Sho has lately developed the worrying habit of holing himself at home and not interacting with anyone, and Ritsu's boss wants him to keep an eye on Sho. Unknown to everyone, however, is the fact that Sho and Ritsu used to be lovers before Ritsu went to New York...

Enter The Phoenix

When gang master Hung died, his two followers Cheung and Chapman To were sent to Thailand to look for his son, Georgie Hung, to succeed him. Georgie, who is gay and lives as a cook with his boyfriend Frankie, is uninterested to continue his father's work. But his close friend Sam, adored the life of a gangster and took his position instead. Sam and Georgie thus returned to Hong Kong with their identities swapped.
Upon returning, they discovered that Hung had accidentally killed Cheng Chow's father and now Cheng Chow, a leading gangster of a friendly gang, led by Chan Wai-Man, is looking to avenge for his father's death.
Meanwhile, Chan Wai-Man wanted to let his daughter Julie to marry Sam in order to strengthen the bond between the two gangs. Sam initially agrees but later changed his mind when he discovered that Julie is not in love with him.
Finally, Cheng Chow kidnapped both Julie and Sam and forced Georgie to lead his gang on a rescue mission. Georgie, with help from Julie and Sam, defeated Cheng Chow in the final battle and told him to accept the fact that his father's death was an accident. Then Cheng Chow saved Georgie when one of his men tried to take his life.
Julie and Sam fell in love during the kidnapping and decided to get married while Sam and Georgie took joint leadership of the gang.

David (2005)

A young mute student goes to the movies when ditching school, but changes his mind when he meets an unemployed man who tries to communicate with him. Through messages and games, the two will make a discovery they never imagined ...

Cover Boy (2007)

Boys Love

Boys Love

The movie tells the story of Taishin Mamiya, a magazine editor who meets and interviews a young model, Noeru Kisaragi, and becomes sinfully attracted to him. Their love, however, is forbidden. The tagline of the movie is "All we did was love each other, but...our love is forbidden. Why is it a "sin"?"


Antonio Secret

Ai no Kotodama

A single man


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Không Cân Sức Online

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Giới thiệu: Chuyện fim xoay quanh 3 nhân vật chính: Tuấn - chàng trai tỉnh lẻ thật thà, khao khát muốn vươn lên nhưng bị những cạm bẫy cuộc sống vây bủa. Dũng Tony - một giáo sư Việt kiều giàu có nhưng cô đơn. Xen vào đó là tình yêu đầu đời trong sáng và nghị lực mạnh mẽ của cô bé Đậu bán chè. Đó còn là thế giới phù hoa của những phụ nữ trung niên thừa tiền, thừa thời gian nhưng thiếu thốn tình cảm… Tuy chỉ gặp gỡ nhau trong một giai đoạn ngắn ngủi nhưng lại tràn đầy cảm xúc, dằn vặt và không ít cô đơn. Điều cốt yếu chính là họ đã gặp nhau, để rồi chợt khám phá ra những khúc mắc, nỗi niềm trong người đối diện và trong cả chính mình. Những nỗi niềm tưởng chừng không thể sẻ chia hay giải quyết một cách ổn thỏa.


Eternal Summer 2006, Taiwan <-- XEM ONLINE

Basic Information:

Genre: Youth / Gay / Drama
Format: 35 mm / Color
Length: 100 mins
Delivery: September 2006
Producer: Patrick Mao Huang, Leste Chen
Co-Producer: Yang Hsu-fen
Director: Leste Chen
Screenplay: Cheng-Ping Hsu
Director of Photography: Charlie Lam


There is no word to describe the time Sam and Patrick share that particular summer. Friendship? Companionship? Love?

The story begins at a quiet primary school nearby the sea. Sam is a problem child whereas Patrick is completely the opposite. 'Little Angel' a game set up by the teacher which teams up the good students with poorer ones, has unexpectedly changed Sam and Patrick's lives forever.

Their relationship evolves into one which is unapproved and forbidden. Like planets surrounding the sun, Patrick guards and embraces Sam into his word. Everything seems so natural, until one lonely girl, Carrie, comes into their life. As comet shooting through the sky, the mix feeling of hope, happiness and sorrow cut into Sam and Patrick's world.

Shaken by the historically significant earthquake, Taiwanese lives were affected both economically and politically. Yet the secret bond the three shared remains undiscovered. It is only when they revisit the seaside and return to where it all begins, that they finally realize what the secret means to them ...

No one is ever alone when coming into this world.

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Boy meets boy part 1/2 (korean homosexual-themed short movie)


Pe Kong (Tinh Cam Gay) - Thuyet Minh

Phim The Love Of Siam (Vietsub)

the doorman

My top 7 gay movies.....

Bẫy Rồng_Clash

Trò đùa của tạo hóa ( Phim GAY VN đầu tiên )

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[vietsub] LanYu (Beijing story)

[vietsub] Just friend

Hot Boys Viet Nam- Part 18